Shoppers looking to buy a gallon of milk in Oregon are encountering something different in the milk case — white opaque milk jugs.

You can’t see through them. And that also means the florescent lights in most dairy cases can’t penetrate through the plastic exterior either. While consumers have been curious about the change, once they understand the new jugs help protect the flavor and vitamins in their milk they are pleased.

Several research studies have shown that in clear plastic jugs, milk stored for 48 hours under florescent lights starts to degrade — both the taste and vitamins. The same is true with other products such as orange juice. Milk is merely following the same route the orange juice industry did when it first adopted opaque jugs to preserve the vitamin C.

Umpqua Dairy in Roseburg, Ore., introduced the opaque jugs in the Northwest nearly four months ago. The new jugs — which are the same thickness and can still be recycled — cost just a fraction of a penny more than the old jugs.

KVAL 13 News