Sean Hannity with Fox News talked with Congressman Nunes and Comedian Paul Rodriguez this week about the continued water crisis in California.

Unemployment rates in some parts of California have reached more than 40 percent, due to the lack of water.


Source: Fox News

As the water crisis in California continues, the battle to solve the situation is just beginning.

According to a recent article in the Sacramento Bee, the federal government is willing to help find a solution — possibly treating the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta system as an “ecosystem of national significance,” likening it to Florida’s Everglades or Maryland’s Chesapeake Bay.

But finding a solution won’t be easy, with local governments fighting the state and the state fighting the federal government. Fifteen lawsuits filed by both environmentalists and water-users are pending.

Meanwhile, the losses keep piling up. Unemployment in some parts of the San Joaquin Valley has reached 40 percent. And losses in five counties due to drought and water shortages are estimated at more than $1.4 billion.

If they don’t decide to choose agriculture over a 2-inch minnow known as smelt, California may soon be a dust bowl. — Megan Pierce, associate editor based in California