Packerland packing has issued a statement regarding the temporary closing of its receiving and harvesting areas last week. Following is the statement in its entirety:

Packerland Packing always strives to meet and exceed both the letter and spirit of federal regulations regarding the humane treatment of our animals. We take the welfare of our animals very seriously, and we deeply regret that this unfortunate incident occurred at our facility. However, we have taken swift corrective actions to prevent any future occurrences.

The Feb. 6 incident involved a non-ambulatory cow at our Green Bay, Wis., plant. Before the cow could be euthanized and properly removed from the passageway leading to our facility, other cows from the same pen were allowed to enter the passageway, creating confusion among the animals. This prompted the notice from the USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service that Packerland Packing failed to comply with its animal handling regulations.

As a result of the incident, we have implemented four corrective measures:

  1. The employees involved in this incident have been suspended until a full investigation is completed.
  2. We have updated our existing standard operating procedures for animal handling to clearly spell out procedures for diverting other animals away from a severely injured animal until it can be safely euthanized and removed from our facility.
  3. All employees in this operation have been retrained on our revised procedures.
  4. We will conduct an audit once daily to ensure that these corrective measures are being properly observed.

Our Green Bay plant was suspended for a period of time on Tuesday, Feb. 7, until this issued was addressed, but the USDA gave its approval for reopening our plant on Wednesday, Feb. 8.

Packerland Packing has a long history of exercising humane animal handling procedures, and we are confident that we have successfully addressed this unfortunate incident.

Packerland Packing