The Professional Dairy Managers of Pennsylvania has sent a letter to the Pennsylvania Milk Marketing Board in support of a petition filed by dairy producer Alan Zepp of Adams County, Pa. Zepp has requested that the state’s Milk Marketing Board convene a hearing to consider compensating dairy producers fairly for the loss of income they will suffer when forced to produce rbST free milk by dealers’ creation of a new classification of milk labeled as rbST free.

The PDMP Board has agreed to support Zepp’s petition in the belief that all dairy producers deserve to be fairly compensated. 

In his letter of support regarding Zepp’s petition, PDMP President Logan Bower wrote: “This classification and dealer practice forces dairy producers to forfeit an accepted and safe biotechnology that is profitable to producers without fair compensation.”

If the Milk Marketing Board approves Zepp’s request to be on the docket on Wednesday, September 5, at that time they will decide whether a hearing is to be scheduled at a later date.  Only a small group of dairy leaders will be asked to attend next week’s meeting.  However, if a formal hearing is scheduled, more producers will be asked to attend and show support. 

The PDMP Board of Directors believes that the issues involved in this petition are vital to Pennsylvania dairy families. In support of Alan Zepp’s petition, PDMP’s message to the Milk Marketing Board was: “There are issues of fairness of producer compensation; freedom to use safe and FDA approved biotechnology that allows producers to be profitable; and long term economic viability of Pennsylvania dairy producers at stake here.”