PETA didn’t let World Dairy Expo slow its marketing efforts in Madison, Wis., this past week, unveiling its new anti-dairy billboard.

The billboard states "Milk: it's a killer" and shows four life-threatening ailments PETA believes is associated with milk consumption: heart disease, diabetes, obesity and cancer.

"We don't expect people to take our word for it, but we expect people not to take the dairy industry's word for it," PETA Director of Vegan Outreach Bruce Friedrich told The Badger Herald.

According to the article, PETA argues that milk is “unnatural for humans to drink mammary secretions of another animal and that animal proteins from these secretions can be carcinogenic to the human body.”

Friedrich pointed to research from the Harvard School of Public Health as an example. One Harvard study of 70,000 nurses tracked over a period of 12 years showed the more milk they consumed, the higher their risk of osteoporosis.

According to the school’s Web site, milk may not be the best source of calcium and could possibly lead to an increased risk of ovarian and prostate cancers.

PETA’s claims were dismissed by University of Wisconsin scientists.

"One of the positive aspects of milk is that its been consumed for thousands of years, despite all the scrutiny," Scott Rankin, assistant professor of food science at UW, told The Badger Herald.
The Badger Herald