Never let it be said that the forces behind People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals let vehement opposition stand in their way.

The last time the animal rights group rolled out their “Drink Beer” campaign in March 2000, the dairy industry and Mothers Against Drunk Driving and raised such a public outcry PETA pulled their message. However, the lesson was apparently short lived, and the organization is planning to target 15 U.S. universities and academy campuses this fall with a new round of propaganda.

PETA claims the spoof on the popular “Got Milk” campaign is a tongue-in-cheek method to get the attention of the college crowd. It cites a Harvard University study that examined the health effects and benefits of moderate drinking habits.

Their logic goes something like this: “Beer in moderation is good for you, while even one glass of milk supports animal abuse and harms your health,” claims Bruce Friedrich, PETA’s director of vegan outreach. “The fact is that you can drink beer responsibly. The same can’t be said of milk.”

However, once they have the audience’s focus, the message quickly changes to PETA’s beef with the dairy industry’s animal care practices. And quickly becomes a harangue against factory farms, animal husbandry and is filled with inaccurate health claims.

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