Just when you thought PETA had offended nearly everyone, the animal-rights group has launched a new ad campaign trying to shame the overweight into turning vegetarian. PETA billboards in Jacksonville, Fla., include a cartoon depiction of an overweight woman, with the words “Save the Whales. Lose the blubber. Go vegetarian.” The campaign is gaining attention over the Internet this week, just as PETA intends, but most of the response has been negative.

A statement from the Center for Consumer Freedom reads “PETA's ad is meant to feed off the insecurities of the body-conscious in order to promote meatless eating, regardless of the humiliation it may cause. The group has consistently promoted a message of animal "rights" with total disregard to the human cruelty it causes. To equate any person (regardless of size) with a whale, or any other animal, is mean-spirited, cruel, and ugly.”

The Huffington Post blog also includes discussion and a picture of the billboard.

And, click here to hear an AgriTalk radio interview with David Martosko, of the Center for Consumer Freedom.

Source: Drovers.com