A small portion of hybrid corn seed labeled Roundup Ready from Pioneer may not be Roundup Ready after all. A small portion of 33B54 of one bin from one of Pioneer’s seed facilities was accidentally mixed in with a nonRoundup Ready hybrid.

"It’s from one portion of one bin in one facility," says Jerry Harrington, Pioneer’s Public Relations manager. "We discovered the mix up, and we are aggressively communicating to growers who are experiencing problems to discuss compensation.."

Harrington could not confirm how widespread the seed is distributed, but he did confirm that the seed was distributed in Nebraska and points to the south. He says if farmers have planted 33B54, it does not mean the seed is not Roundup Ready. Pioneer has identified the specific lot numbers, and if a grower has a question about his particular lot, they are encouraged to contact their Pioneer sales representative. Harrington says farmers who have purchased seed from the mixed-up batch should have been contacted by their local sales representative.

By Greg Vincent, Associate Publisher/Editor, Dealer & Applicator