According to the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality a settlement has been reached in a lawsuit with Hoffland Dairy LLC, formerly doing business as VanderHoff-Haley Dairy. The suit was originally filed in August 2004, and supplemented in March 2005 after DEQ staff documented numerous discharges of agricultural waste to the Rice Lake Drain and other area waterways.

As part of the settlement, the 680-cow dairy located near Clayton, Mich., will pay $20,000 in fines and has agreed to the following conditions. The dairy must:

  • Obtain a National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System permit from the DEQ.
  • Cease the land application of agricultural waste to snow or ice covered soil when the waste cannot be injected or incorporated.
  • Evaluate its existing waste storage structures and make improvements as necessary to ensure containment of production area waste (including silage, leachate, and contaminated storm water).
  • Install a Press Treatment System for the stabilization of waste produced in the cow barns.

If the dairy violates the conditions of the agreement, additional fines will be levied. To read the complete press release, go to:,1607,7-135--135596--,00.html

Michigan DEQ