Heartland Farms has dropped plans to start a 6,000 acre potato farm near Saratoga, Wis.

Nearby residents opposed the farm and used a public meeting last night to express their displeasure with the idea, even though the farm had withdrawn its proposal. “With each anti-farm statement, the room erupted. People expressed concern and anger about what the large potato farm would do to the water levels in local wells and how pesticide use would contaminate the water and air,” according to the Wausau Daily Herald.

Farm representatives were at the meeting to answer questions, and told the audience they respected their decision to reject the farm’s location.

The potato farm would have brought about 70 jobs to the area and more than $1 million to the town (of Saratoga) that the company would have to pay because it took the land out of its current managed forest status, the newspaper reports.

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Source: Wausau Daily Herald