The producer-funded National Dairy Council® (NDC) and the General Mills Bell Institute of Health and Nutrition recently co-hosted a November forum to educate the nation’s health professional leaders about the importance of breakfast (including dairy and whole grains) and dairy’s role in adult weight management.

More than 200 key health professional leaders, including doctors, registered dietitians and consumer affairs directors, learned about science-based nutrition research that supports dairy’s role in achieving healthy body weight, as well as the benefits of dairy protein for healthy body composition. Additionally, attendees obtained tips and tools to share with patients and customers about including dairy products in breakfast meal plans.

The forum helped NDC further its position as a leader in nutrition research and education. Nutrition and health organizations attending included:

·  American Academy of Family Physicians

·  American Association of Diabetes Educators

·  American Dietetic Association

·  American Medical Woman’s Association

·  National Medical Association

·  Weight Watchers International

“This forum urged health professional leaders to ‘wake up’ and take action to help their patients achieve a healthy weight,” said Ann Marie Krautheim, a registered dietitian and vice president of nutrition and health promotion for NDC. “People listen to their healthcare providers, and now more leading medical professionals recognize the important role that dairy plays in adult weight management.”

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