The Utah Board of Business and Economic Development awarded a proposed dairy operation $316,500 in grant money Friday.

Bosen Land & Livestock, plans to buy the Rose Ranch located about 5 miles west of Snowville in Box Elder County, Utah to develop a dairy and cattle operation for 26,000 animals. The Rose Dairy would be located just across the Idaho state line from the group’s current livestock operations in Preston, Idaho.

The Board used Industrial Assistance Fund money to award $1,500 per job created by the plan. The dairy, which will take about two years to build, will create 211 jobs. The company also would build a housing development. In order to receive the grant funding per job, Bosen Land & Cattle must agree to pay at least 125 percent of the county median wage, and keep operations in Utah for a minimum of five years.

The proposed dairy already has a commitment from a local milk processor to buy the milk produced. Once construction begins, the dairy facility should be up and running with 10,000 cows by the end of the second year. In addition to milking cows, the dairy plans to produce cull cows, and bull calves for the meat market and to raise dairy replacement heifers.

The Herald (Utah),