There’s a new tool available to protect the U.S. food supply – the Food Emergency Response Plan Template. The plan provides states with a guide to develop an emergency response plan either for a food-related emergency or as a supplement to an existing plan. The template includes national planning scenarios, target capabilities and uniform task lists.

A food-related emergency involves the unintentional or deliberate contamination, threatened or actual, of food that affects or may affect human health. 

The response plan includes the following:

  • Concept of Operations - establishes the framework for actions (i.e., specific functions of a response) that will take place during an incident response.
  • Activation Levels - establish activation levels that provide decision makers with definitions of various degrees of an emergency.
  • Principal Parties - identification of all agencies, organizations and individuals (principal parties) needed to carry out the response.
  • Roles and Responsibilities for State, Federal, Tribal, and local agencies and the private sector.

The Food and Drug Administration in cooperation with the National Association of State Departments of Agriculture, USDA's Food Safety and Inspection Service, and the Department of Homeland Security developed the plan.

You can find a copy of it at:

Food and Drug Administration