The Minnesota Department of Agriculture (MDA) is partnering with the Minnesota Farm Network (MFN) to highlight the creativity and ingenuity of Minnesota farmers by bringing back a popular radio series called Ag Opportunities on the Air.

The series of minute-long broadcasts featuring Minnesota farmers telling stories about their own innovative enterprises will air on all MFN stations. Topics will include alternative crops and livestock breeds, marketing strategies and on-farm value added processing enterprises such as making biodiesel.

"Diversifying farms and farmscapes is an important part of keeping our agriculture healthy, vibrant, and profitable," said MDA agriculture specialist Meg Moynihan. "Throughout the series, farmers from all across the state are inspiring each other with their success stories and insights."

The first Ag Opportunities on the Air story begins airing this week. In addition, the MDA will offer all the broadcasts on its web site, including information about each topic.

To find the MFN station serving your area, or to listen to or read transcripts of any of the broadcasts that have already aired, visit or

Source: Minnesota Department of Agriculture