California consumers will soon be able to clearly identify which milk at their supermarket was produced locally.

The California Milk Advisory Board (CMAB) announced today it is introducing a Real California Milk seal which certifies that fluid milk bearing the seal is made exclusively with milk produced on California dairy farms. The seal also will appear on other dairy products produced exclusively with California milk including butter, ice cream and yogurt. California consumers will begin seeing the seal in grocery stores in October, according to the CMAB.

A statewide advertising campaign that includes television commercials, newspaper and magazine ads, radio, outdoor and trade advertising will introduce the new seal to consumers in early October. With up to 20 percent of fluid milk sold in California coming from out-of-state, “the Real California Milk seal is a direct response to a very clear consumer demand for locally produced milk and we are confident it will be embraced by California shoppers, even to the point that they will ask for California-certified milk at their local supermarkets,” said Stan G. Andre, CMAB chief executive officer.

Andre cited research that showed California consumers have a strong preference for California milk and dairy products. “Seven out of 10 Californians said they prefer to purchase locally-produced milk for their families and two-thirds said they would even go to a different store to find locally-produced milk because they believe it is fresher, and also because they want to support California dairy farmers,” Andre said.

The CMAB’s popular “Happy Cows” advertising campaign is being expanded to support the new milk seal. The CMAB also will continue to promote Real California Cheese and the cheese seal will continue to appear in advertising.

According to CMAB, several leading California dairy processors have already committed to use the Real California Milk seal on their packaging for fluid milk and dairy products such as butter and ice cream.

To read the press release, follow this link.

Source: California Milk Advisory Board via Business Wire