Dairy farming is a tough business and 2009 was one of the toughest years ever. Coping with the stresses of the past 12 months may have taken a toll on relationship among your family members. 

You may be feeling a bit alienated or simply disconnected from each other. Even if your relationship is already good, you can make it even better by learning new skills at a Farm Family Relations workshop on March 11 in Mountville, Pa. The event is sponsored by the Professional Dairy Managers of Pennsylvania.

Designed to be attended in pairs, the training will help individuals enhance their relationship with the relative is most important to them in their family farm business.  Husband/wife, father/son, father/daughter, mother/daughter, mother/ son, brother/brother, father-in-law/son-in-law, sister/brother are some of the possible combinations who can benefit from this workshop.
Pairs who register will learn about:

  • Recognizing and affirming the positive qualities in each other.
  • Providing encouragement and support.
  • Dealing with conflict in a positive manner.
  • Having a less stressful relationship.
  • Deepening and strengthening your respect, support and love for each other. 

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Source: Professional Dairy Managers of Pennsylvania