Important dates are coming up for producers participating in the Milk Income Loss Contract (MILC) program. October 1, 2009 marks the start of a new MILC payment year.

Producers are urged to visit their local Farm Service Agency (FSA) office prior to Monday, September 14 to request a change in their payment start date if they wish to begin receiving their 2010 MILC payments in October. The same is true for each successive month.

A change may be requested up to the 14th day of the month that precedes the month payments are requested. If no change is requested, producers will begin receiving payments in the same month as requested for the 2009 program year.

Current projections for MILC payments suggest that October may be the highest payment level for the 2010 fiscal year. Many producers are currently signed up for payments to begin in February or March, based on their selection for the 2009 fiscal year.

To avoid missing a potential October payment, changes to the start date must be made before Monday, September 14.

Producers are reminded that any change to their dairy operation must be submitted to the FSA on form CCC-580M, MILC Modification. Changes not only include the start month request, but also movement of a dairy facility, changes in business type, the addition or deletion of partners, and any other changes that may affect how the IRS would look at the structure of the dairy operation.

Producers are also reminded that a new 2010 Average Adjusted Gross Income Statement, form CCC-926, must be submitted for each individual, entity, and payment member before any payments may be issued.

Further information is located online at or by contacting a local FSA office.

Source: Western United Dairymen