A report from the Chesapeake Bay Foundation shows that animal manure is the largest source of nitrogen and phosphorus applied to the land and one of the top pollution sources to the bay. In fact, animal manure contribues 42 percent of the nitrogen and 49 percent of the phosphorus that enters the bay. And if the bay is ever to be restored, the Foundation says changes must start now.

The report includes key findings plus recommended actions for this year. Included in those recommended actions are:

  • A proposed penny per pound tax on meat and dairy products to help pay for the restoration.
  • A request to Pennsylvania’s governor and state legislature to establish a $10 million pilot program to improve dairy feed efficiency.
  • Each state in the watershed will be asked to develop similar programs tailored to the biggest agricultural runoff problems in each state.
  • Include funding for the Chesapeake Bay in the next Farm Bill.
  • Establish viable alternative uses for manure.
  • Implement feeding strategies to reduce the amount of nutrients excreted in animal manure.

To view the complete report, and the Chesapeake Bay Foundation press release, go to: http://www.cbf.org/site/News2?page=NewsArticle&id=9141

Chesapeake Bay Foundation