Some Illinois farmers may find switching to more corn profitable in 2007, according to a recent University of Illinois extension study.

"Given a $6 per bushel soybean price and soybean yields above 45 bushels per acre, breakeven corn prices range from slightly above $3 for relatively low corn yields to about $2.50 for relatively high corn yields," said Gary Schnitkey, extension farm financial management specialist who co-authored the study with Darrel Good, extension marketing specialist.

"Current 2007 price projections are in the $2.70 to $2.80 per bushel range for corn. Hence, some farmers may find switching to more corn profitable for the 2007 production year."

For corn production to increase, farmers must plant more corn at the expense of other crops. In much of the Midwest, the tradeoff will come down to a choice between corn and soybeans.

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