Your kids could be saying “More cheese, please,” thanks to a new process that creates cheese in kid-appealing flavors, such as banana, bubble gun, cotton candy, green apple and watermelon.

During a project funded by Dairy Management Inc., researchers at the WisconsinCenter for Dairy Research at the University of Wisconsin made string cheese using kid-friendly flavors.

During four initial trials, the research group focused on creating a strawberry-flavored string cheese. The group encountered challenges associated with pH and flavor retention. For instance, they learned that the pH range of string cheese limited the expression of the strawberry flavor.

Subsequent trials focused on using flavors detectable at pH ranges similar to those of string cheese. During this round of trials, the researchers made cotton-candy, bubble-gum, green-apple and banana-flavored cheese. They also added colors to the milk in the vat to create vibrant colors.

The researchers also have used the technology to make kid-friendly flavors of processed cheese.

To learn more about the research, go to:

Dairy Management Inc.; Wisconsin  Centerfor Dairy Research