The UnionHillHigh School in Union City, N.J., received a $100,000 makeover of its cafeteria thanks to the American Dairy Association and Dairy Council.

The restyle is part of a pilot program being conducted in seven schools nationwide. The goal of the program is to improve the cafeteria environment and promote healthy food choices specifically nutrient-rich dairy.

“The ultimate goal of the program is getting students to eat healthier foods and to drink more milk,” said Andrea Thompson, Vice President of School Marketing for the American Dairy Association and Dairy Council.

Over the summer, ISI America, an interior systems design firm specializing in restaurant redesign, put their expertise to the educational market. The cafeteria at UnionHillHigh School received a total makeover from the ground up including a new floor, a new paint décor, healthy food signage and all new furniture including booth seating.

The makeover didn’t stop with the décor. The Union CitySchool District was also one of the first districts in the Metro area to offer students the New Look of School Milk – milk in kid-appealing plastic, re-sealable containers available in multiple flavors from Farmland Dairies of Wallington, NJ. According to Thompson, “research shows kids drink up to 37 percent more milk at school when it’s offered in plastic re-sealable bottles and in various flavors.”

Dave Wilcomb, Principal of Union Hill High School said, “We’re honored to be one of seven schools nationwide chosen for the Ultimate School Restyle. The students are more relaxed and are thoroughly enjoying their new cafeteria. The teachers are joining the students for lunch rather than congregating in the teachers’ lounge. And the student and teacher reactions alike are overwhelmingly positive.”

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American Dairy Association via Business Wire