The Coalition for Animal Health supports a science-based, rather than market-based approach to antibiotic use. That’s the message the group is sending following the announcement of McDonald’s new global policy on antibiotics.

In a news release, the Coalition says it remains committed to a rigorous science-based regulatory process. It notes that all antibiotics approved by the Food and Drug Administration undergo thorough tests for efficacy, animal safety, and human safety. Plus, new FDA guidelines will require that all proposed new antibiotic products and existing antibiotics undergo a risk assessment to determine the potential for increasing antibiotic resistance.

The coalition goes on to say, "In this market-based, rather than science-based policy, the products McDonald's is asking suppliers not to use were subjected to the FDA approval process and proven to be safe. We caution about actions not grounded in science."

Europe is a good example of a non-science based policy that isn’t working as planned. Several European countries have banned the use of subtherapeutic antibiotics and as a result many of them have documented a dramatic increase in animal disease and the use of antibiotics to treat that disease.

The coalition plans to continue working with McDonald's and other companies to implement policies that are consistent with the best available science and protect both animal and human health.

Coalition for Animal Health