The milk-moustache ad campaign created in the United States has gained world-wide fame, and at least one country plans to adopt the idea.

Scottland’s dairy industry plans to start its own ad campaign this fall, placing the milk moustaches on celebrities, including Ewan McGregor, Sean Connery, Sharleen Spiteri and Rod Stewart. They hope to bring in other famous people from the United Kingdom, as well.

Sandy Wilkie, the chairman of the Scottish Dairy Marketing Company, told the Scottsman: "The American Got Milk campaign has been a fantastic success, not only in the United States but all over the world, with the milk moustache becoming an icon in itself.

"But while the US campaign has worked tremendously well in its current form, we’re really looking to put our own distinctive slant on it by injecting some of the tongue-in-cheek humour Scots are famous for."

It’s not all for humor’s sake, though. The consumption of milk and cream fell in Scottland by 7 percent in 2001-02.   

"We are aware milk consumption is down. We think there is a general misconception about the fat content of milk, and this is turning people away," Jill Eisberg, the chief executive of the Dairy Council, told the Scottsman

The campaign plan is to increase overall milk consumption and educate consumers about the health benefits of milk.


The Scotsman