Select Sires has received a $300,000 Rural Business Cooperative Service, Value-Added Producer Grant from USDA to help support commercialization of gender SELECTed(TM) sexed semen for American dairy and beef producers. Select Sires will match the grant dollar-for-dollar to enhance the profitability of dairy production through marketing and producer education programs, highlighting the benefits and possible drawbacks in the use of sexed-semen.  

"We're very excited and honored to put these funds to good use on behalf of the U.S. dairy industry," said Mel DeJarnette, Select Sires senior reproductive specialist. "Combined with our matched dollars, this grant will allow us to better inform producers about the cutting-edge technology of gender SELECTed semen and train people in how to use it properly to obtain optimum results. We will also be able to cost-effectively equip producers with the product and proper tools needed to use sexed semen."

The working capital grant will be used to purchase inventory and specialized insemination equipment, develop marketing and educational material and conduct producer education symposia. "Our gender SELECTed sexed semen can enhance the productivity and profitability of dairy producers, which is the primary goal in Select Sires mission statement. This grant will help us fullfill that mission," DeJarnette said.

Select Sires has monitored the progress of sorting technology since its inception in the mid 1980's. Through the late 1990's, Select assisted the technology licensee, XY, Inc., Fort Collins, Colo., with provision of bulls for use as semen donors for laboratory and small field trials. Since 2000, Select has conducted numerous large field trials evaluating the success and commercial feasibility of this technology. Now, in partnership with Sexing Technologies, Navasoto, Tex., gender SELECTed semen is a commercial reality that consistently yields 90 percent female calves.

Select Sires press release