Created with the help of teens, for teens, Arizona-based Shamrock Farms launched Shamrockers flavored low-fat milk drinks last week. 

 “While Shamrockers is part of a family of Shamrock Farms products known for their great taste, fun graphics and on-the-go functionality, the difference with this line is that it was created for teens with help from teens,” said Sandy Kelly, director of marketing for Shamrock Farms Dairy Division.

After conducting focus groups with nine- to17-year-olds, it was clear that taste was the most important factor in what beverages kids choose to consume. Following close behind were nutritional benefit and packaging as key product attributes. Kids interviewed had an accurate understanding of the health benefits of milk, but this alone was not enough to motivate teens to choose milk over soda and sports drinks.

“Kids are savvy consumers who know what they want and feel valued when their opinion is taken seriously,” said Kelly. “So, we not only made sure our new chocolate, strawberry and vanilla flavor profiles were a hit with this audience, but we also looked to them to select the product name.” In addition, Shamrockers packaging features graffiti-inspired brightly hued backgrounds and the company spokescow Roxie sporting a beanie or sunglasses and holding an ipod, skateboard or chocolate syrup bottle guitar.

“While our packaging clearly speaks to kids, we expect to receive rave reviews from parents and health experts alike thanks to the strong nutritional profile of the Shamrockers line,” said Kelly.

Shamrockers are made with farm-fresh, 1 percent low-fat Shamrock Farms milk and boast higher calcium and more protein than other 1 percent milks. Each 8-ounce serving has 170 calories and contains less than 2.5 grams of fat. Plus, like all Shamrock Farms milk, Shamrockers does not contain the added growth hormone rBST.

Shamrockers are available at retailers across Arizona as well as in school vending machines across the country.

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