For the past few months, Solano County planning commissioners have been working to develop tough, yet fair, environmental regulations. However, at their meeting last week, a new challenge — preventing a wastewater spill from a large livestock operation from ever occurring again — was now on the radar.

According to The Daily Republic, that’s because in early November, Heritage Dairy, near Dixon, Calif., had such a spill. The reason, a failed pump — and no back up systems — allowed wastewater to flow off the dairy into a reclamation canal and reach the Lazy Q fish farm and state Department of Fish and Game duck ponds.

Critics of the large dairies cite odor, flies, dust and air and water pollution as their major concerns. And although many understand the economies of scale that make large dairies an efficient way to harvest milk, they are concerned that not enough is being done in the county to regulate the dairies to prevent such problems from occurring. The county commissioners want to change that. Several proposals are currently being considered.

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