In South Carolina, less than one-third of the milk bought in the state comes from cows that live there. That’s because many producers have left the industry — especially during the last few years of extremely low prices — and the remaining few want help to secure their future.

The dairy producers have proposed forming the South Carolina Milk Board that would help set a minimum milk price. Under the proposed state Dairy Stabilization Act, the Milk Board would set a minimum price producers could be paid. If the price dropped below that amount, the board would collect a fee that would be divided up and paid to dairy producers. The fee would be paid by co-ops.

Grocery story operators and merchants oppose the plan. They contend that producers already have co-ops, which were designed to help them market milk at a fair price, and should work with their co-ops to resolve pricing issues.

However, the producers contend that the co-ops have become multi-state organizations and their actions are not always beneficial to their producer members. – South Carolina’s Home Page