The 12-page “The Cost of Johne’s Disease to Dairy Producers” booklet developed and published last spring has been translated to Spanish, and the Spanish version is now available—and free to producers and veterinarians. Underwritten by IDEXX Laboratories, the booklet was developed in partnership with USDA-APHIS-VS and the National Johne’s Education Initiative.

“With government budgets severely cut, partnering with corporations such as IDEXX Laboratories allows us to provide producers with needed educational material, and this time we’re fortunate to have the same booklet offered in English and in Spanish” Dr. Carter states. “Johne’s disease causes significant economic loss for producers whose animals have the disease, and producers should be aware of what this economic loss might be. In the same vein, producers should be testing and implementing various management strategies to help prevent and/or control the disease.”

The economics-oriented booklet shares facts about Johne’s disease, explains the “iceberg phenomenon” and provides three ways to calculate the potential cost of Johne’s disease within a dairy herd. The booklet also points out potential “hidden” costs associated with Johne’s disease in a herd: premature culling of clinical or infected animals, increased veterinary costs, increased susceptibility other disease and possible breeding problems, increase in overall cull rate, decreased milk production in infected but normal-looking animals, decreased slaughter value of 20 percent to 30 percent, decreased pool of available replacements—thereby limiting genetic pool, decreased feed efficiency, loss of marketing animals for sale and loss of investment in young stock that have been infected or exposed since birth.

“We are excited to have a booklet that addresses the economics aspect of Johne’s disease on a producer level, and to have the booklet available in English and in Spanish,” states Dr. Elisabeth Patton, chairman of U.S. Animal Health Association’s Johne’s Disease Committee. “One chart within the booklet even allows a producer to plug in his or her numbers so an on-farm cost estimate can be calculated in regards to clinically affected cows.”

To obtain your free copy of the Spanish or English version of this Johne’s disease booklet, go to or call the National Institute for Animal Agriculture at (719) 538-8843.

Source: National Johne's Education Initiative