Growers and producers may now view video tapes useful for Spanish-speaking foreman training. They follow the book Labor Management in Agriculture: Cultivating Personnel Productivity. The first two videos focus on employee discipline.

Farm employers would do well to first share the first video (Video 14-001) with supervisors and give them the assignment to engage workers in conversation before praising. Praise must be sincere, of course.

In the next video (Video 14-002), the 7 steps to more effective employee discipline are depicted. Once again, front end supervisors begin by engaging employees. We do not want workers to think, however, that every time a supervisor shows an interest in them, it follows that there is a correction coming. That is why it is so important for the supervisors to master the simple steps in the first video before watching the second.

There are some situations where the 7 steps do not work without some important modifications.

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Source: Gregorio Billikopf, University of California Cooperative Extension Stanislaus County