A recent survey of Farmers' Health Cooperative of Wisconsin (FHCW) members reveals that the cooperative has had a positive impact on both the cost and quality of health insurance coverage offered to farmers and agribusinesses.

The survey, conducted by the non-profit Shawano County Rural Health Initiative of 839 FHCW members, found that more than two-thirds of members reported improved benefits available to them through FHCW compared to the insurance plan they had previously.  At the same time, 51.3 percent reported that their health insurance premiums were reduced under FHCW, while another 30.4 percent reported no change in premium. 

Access to preventive health services improved for FHCW members as well. Nearly 26 percent of respondents reported their prior coverage excluded coverage for preventive care, while another 37.5 percent said this coverage applied to their deductible. 

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The cooperative will be adding dental care as a benefit available to members in 2009.

Source: Farmers' Health Cooperative of Wisconsin