A global survey of 21,000 regular Internet users around the world by AC Nielsen shows that U.S. consumers are among the least likely shoppers to buy organic food and beverage products.

The survey asked about purchases in 11 different food and beverage categories. Survey results show that just 6 percent to 15 percent of U.S. consumers (depending on the food or beverage category) said they purchase organic products regularly. In comparison the global average (depending on the food or beverage category) was from 9 percent to 32 percent

The top reason given why consumers don’t buy organic products was that they were “too expensive” – 42 percent for U.S. consumers vs. 41 percent for the global average.

The top reason shoppers worldwide gave for buying organic products regularly was the belief that such products “are healthier” for them.

The survey also asked about shoppers’ purchases of functional foods. In contrast to organics, U.S. consumers responded very favorably toward functional foods. In fact, in five out of the 10 categories of functional foods included in the survey, more U.S. consumers purchased functional foods on a regular basis than did their counterparts worldwide.

For more results from the survey, go to: http://us.acnielsen.com/news/20051205.shtml

AC Nielsen