You now can provide feedback on the next farm bill via the Internet. A new Web-based feedback form is available at the House Committee on Agriculture Web site.

House Committee on Agriculture Chairman Bob Goodlatte announced the launch of the Web-based form during a recent farm bill field hearing in Greeley, Colo. The form allows producers throughout the nation to submit feedback about current farm policy, as well as input about the future of farm policy.

“We’ve had the opportunity to hear from a wide variety of producers through our field hearings and this information is helpful to the Committee as we prepare to consider the farm bill reauthorization next year. We also understand that there are many other producers that we haven’t heard from and this feedback form will hopefully garner feedback from a broad range of producers,” said Goodlatte.

To access the feedback form, go to: and click on the Farm Bill Feedback icon. Or, go directly to:

The information submitted to the Committee via the Web site will not be part of the Congressional Record, but will be shared with Members of the House Committee on Agriculture.

House Committee on Agriculture press release