Economic issues continue to top the list of consumer concerns according to the most recent consumer survey by the Center for Food Integrity (CFI).  The U.S. economy, rising energy costs, rising cost of food, rising health care costs and personal financial situation rated the highest level of concern among 11 current issues.  Concern over global warming received the lowest rating.  (See poll results below)

“The top five issues each had a mean score above 8 on a 0 to 10 scale, which indicates a very high level of concern on a national survey,” says Jan Wilson of Gestalt Research, which conducted the survey for CFI.  More than 2,000 consumers responded to the national survey conducted in August and September.

Food safety was the highest rated non-economic issue for the second consecutive year, and again rated higher than consumer concern over military involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan. 

“This is consistent with the results of our national focus group research in April,” says Terry Fleck, CFI executive director.  “Consumers told us their priorities are food that is safe, affordable and nutritious. The number and frequency of high profile food safety incidents over the past several years results in heightened consumer awareness.”

Complete survey results will be released at the CFI 2009 Food System Summit, October 6-7 in Kansas City.  Click here for more.

Survey results



The U.S. Economy


Rising Energy Costs


Rising Cost of Food


Rising Health Care Costs


Personal Financial Situation


Food Safety


U.S. military involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan


Access to accurate information to make healthy food choices


Humane treatment of farm animals


Obesity in America


Global warming


A total of 2018 consumer surveys (sampling error at 95% confidence level +/- 2.2%) were collected via a Web survey in August and September of 2009.

Source: Center for Food Integrity