A new survey conducted by the National Dairy Council®, the nutrition research and education arm of the dairy checkoff, found that nine of 10 moms said they are comfortable with their child drinking chocolate or flavored milk with their school lunch. The informal survey, conducted at www.3aday.org, involved 4,000 responses about flavored milk at school from moms who are part of the site’s “3-A-Day of Dairy Mom’s Network.”

Survey results indicated:

·       83 percent of moms surveyed said they would prefer for their child to drink flavored milk as opposed to soft drinks at school.

·       84 percent agreed that flavored milk and regular milk have approximately the same nutritional value.

·       Nearly three-fourths of the moms said they would be upset if they found their school wanted to eliminate flavored milk from its lunch menu – and more than half said they would want to take action in some way.

In addition, 77 percent of moms surveyed agreed that their child may be more likely to drink milk at school if it were packaged in kid-appealing plastic bottles as opposed to a traditional carton. In fact, nearly seven of 10 moms surveyed said they would be willing to spend up to 25 cents more per unit for their child to have school milk served in plastic bottles and in flavors they enjoy.

These results support the checkoff-funded New Look of School Milk program designed to enhance children’s milk-drinking experience at school and increase milk sales. To date, more than 3,700 schools, representing nearly 2.5 million students, offer single-serve milk in plastic bottles on the school meal line.

For more information about the dairy checkoff’s childhood nutrition initiatives, visit www.dairycheckoff.com or www.NutritionExplorations.org.  

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