University of Wisconsin Cooperative Extension and the Farm Center - Wisconsin Department of Agriculture Trade and Consumer Protection invites dairy producers, bankers, agri-business personnel and community leaders to an informational meeting outlining financial, legal, negotiating, decision-making and communication strategies and resources.

The U.S. dairy industry has been hit hard by events in the global economy. Dairy farm families across Wisconsin are feeling the impacts of these events. The ripple effect of the low milk prices on agri-businesses is affecting communities across the state. Many dairy owners and families in rural communities may be facing a financial crisis.

Nine workshops will be held throughout Wisconsin from mid November through mid December:

  • Tuesday, Nov. 17, 1– 4 p.m., Augustana Lutheran Church, 1025 2nd Ave., Cumberland, Wis., contact Polk County UW-Extension at (715) 485-8600 or Spooner Ag Research Station at (715) 635-3506 or Barron County UW-Extension, (715) 537-6250
  • Wednesday, Nov. 18, 12:30 – 3:30 p.m., KD’s Homestead Eatery, Mondovi, Wis., contact Pepin County UW-Extension at (715) 672-5214 or Trempealeau County UW-Extension at (715) 538-2311 or Buffalo County UW-Extension at (608) 685-6256
  • Thursday, Nov. 19, 1– 4 p.m., Black River Chamber of Commerce, 120 N. Water St., Black River Falls, Wis., contact Jackson County UW-Extension at (715) 284-4257
  • Tuesday, Dec. 1, 1 – 4 p.m., Arlington Research Station, Arlington, Wis., contact Sauk County UW-Extension at (608) 355-3250 or Columbia County UW-Extension at (608) 742-9680
  • Wednesday, Dec. 2, 1:30 – 4:30 p.m., Jefferson Co. UW-Extension Office, 864 Collins Rd., Jefferson, Wis., contact Jefferson County UW-Extension at (920) 674-7295
  • Thursday, Dec. 3, 1– 4 p.m., Iowa County UW-Extension Office, 222 N. Iowa St., Dodgeville, Wis., contact Iowa County UW-Extension at (608) 935-0391
  • Tuesday, Dec. 8, 1 – 4 p.m., Fond du Lac County UW-Extension Office, 400 University Drive, Fond du Lac, Wis., contact Fond du Lac County UW-Extension at (920) 929-3170.
  • Wednesday, Dec. 9, 1– 4 p.m., Marshfield Research Station, Marshfield, Wis., contact the Wood County UW-Extension Office at (715) 421-8440
  • Thursday, Dec. 10, 1– 4 p.m., Abbotsford Community Room, Abbotsford, Wis., contact the Clark County UW-Extension Office at (715) 743-5121


  • An overview of recent national and global influences on the dairy markets
  • Strategies for negotiating through difficult situations
  • How stress affects decision-making and communications and tools to help during stressful times
  • Dairy finances 101: Communicating your position to your lender – the importance of financial reports
  • Legal options and tax strategies to consider during difficult financial times

UW- Extension Farm Business Educator Alan Linnebur talks about the upcoming workshops Taking Charge in Challenging Times.  His section will address conversations with lenders including providing structure for these meetings. Listen to Linnebur give an overview of his talk here.

Source: University of Wisconsin Cooperative Extension