Your dairy is your stock portfolio, Tom Wall, president of Language Links, LLC, told audiences at World Dairy Expo last week. Therefore, you need to hire and manage people that will help your investment succeed.

To do this, he suggests you focus on these five areas:

  • Organize your systems, strategies, policies and procedures. This includes a new hire kit, organizational chart, set pay scales, performance evaluations, employee manual, job descriptions, standard operating procedures and written warning procedures.
  • Practice frequent formal and informal communication. “This is more than speaking the same language,” Walls says. “It’s team maintenance.”
  • Connect with your people. This means developing respect and trust between you and your team.
  • Manage and lead your team. As a manager, you must focus on the execution of the work on your dairy. To lead, you need to create and develop teamwork.
  • Reward performance. Make sure you connect job descriptions with employee evaluations and your pay scale.