So far so good seems to be the prognosis for the Dublin, Texas dairy that installed a Nutrient Management System from Bion Environmental Technologies last fall.

The Bion Nutrient Management System uses naturally-occurring bacteria, which feed on the manure waste stream, to substantially reduce most pollutants. The bacteria convert nutrients such as phosphorus and nitrogen into a particulate form that can be composted to produce organic fertilizer.

So far independent lab testing on effluent samples has shown nearly an 80 percent reduction in phosphorus and approximately a 70 percent reduction in nitrogen. Air samples also show a 95 percent reduction in air emissions.

The 1,235-cow DeVries Dairy teamed up with Bion to try the technology and see if could find a solution that would minimize pollution from the dairy, especially phosphorus, that the city of Waco would find acceptable. Waco has filed lawsuits against 14-other dairies in the Bosque River watershed over pollution.

For more details on the Texas project, from Bion Environmental Technologies, click here.

PRNewswire, Bion Environmental Technologies, Inc.