College students who are looking for an internship can find an assortment of possibilities on the Dairy Shrine website. The directory currently contains 36 different internships across the country available to college students. Because some of the internship positions have more than one intern, the actual number of offerings totals 69. There are opportunities for students to take internships in communications, public relations, marketing, on-farm consulting, youth education, and company development. To visit the directory, go to and click on Students’ Corner found on the website’s left navigation bar. From there, click on Internships to find the complete directory.

If companies would like to post their internship on this directory, they can go to the Internship page and scroll to the bottom and select the Post an Internship icon. There they can fill in details about their internship and have it posted free of charge for college students from across the globe.

Source: National Dairy Shrine