Following Time magazine’s hatchet job on modern American agriculture last August, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the magazine would keep chipping away at the livestock industry.  

This time, the magazine takes on chocolate milk. Read the article here.

The article acknowledges the controversy surrounding chocolate milk in schools, and then goes on to give a decidedly anti-chocolate-milk slant to the story.

I love to play “hidden word” puzzles where you look at a maze of letters and try to find as many words spelled out vertically, horizontally and diagonally as possible. It reminds me a bit of reading through some of the popular media stories and finding all of the hidden digs at dairy and meat products. I will give a few examples from the Time magazine article:

  • A headline that implies that all schools are warring against chocolate milk when, in fact, it might be just a few schools that have taken the time to worry about it.
  • A reference to chocolate milk as a "brown liquid."
  • A reference to two liberal enclaves — Berkeley, Calif., and Boulder, Colo. — as "progressive towns" that have removed chocolate milk from schools. What about McCook, Neb., or Wausau, Wis.? Don't they count?
  • Following up every comment from a pro-dairy source with a rebuttal, as though the anti-chocolate milk people always have to have the last word.

It would be fun to continue playing “hidden word” or “hidden meaning” but I think it’s fairly obvious by now. — Tom Quaife, editor