The Dairy Council of California has released its top 10 nutrition trends for 2004-2005.

Obesity issues have topped the list the past three years, but this year there is a more positive focus on finding solutions rather than laying blame on others for the obesity crisis in this country.

Assembled by the Dairy Council’s nutrition-trends task force, the top 10 trends list has become somewhat of a bellwether within the dairy industry.

The list is as follows:


  1. Obesity focus shifts from seeking blame to seeking solutions. In other words, the focus is more on how to fix the problem and less on why it happened or who is to blame.
  2. Updated Dietary Guidelines and food-guidance system renew the spotlight on health and nutrition.   The release of the 2005 Dietary Guidelines for Americans focuses on weight management, physical activity, nutrient-dense foods and increasing the intake of under-consumed foods like fruits, vegetables and low-fat dairy. The updated recommendations put dairy in a strong position.
  3. Health benefits of dairy continue to multiply. Beyond the well-known calcium/bone health link, the weight-management benefits of dairy foods are being substantiated, as are blood pressure, colon cancer and heart-disease benefits.
  4. Calcium studies continue to pour in on bone-health benefits.
  5. Individualization concept is garnering momentum.   The concept that food choices and nutrition recommendations should be tailored to an individual’s specific lifestyle, disease risk, goals and needs continues to gain favor.
  6. Sweetened beverage consumption may be the target of obesity-prevention efforts.
  7. Early diet, lifestyle recognized as strong predictors of future health.   Evidence is mounting that diet and environment from a very early age ― as early as in utero ― can impact future health.
  8. Functional foods movement maintains momentum. Foods that deliver health benefits continue to show strong sales growth.
  9. The low-carb diet craze has leveled off.
  10. Food safety concerns continue to keep the industry watchful. This includes two cases of BSE in the United States since December 2003.