The deadly tornados that swept through the Midwest on Sunday inflicted heavy damage to not only towns in its path, but dairy farms as well.

No injuries were reported when a tornado struck a dairy farm near Webb City, Mo., despite the total loss of a family's home. Grain bins and machine sheds were also destroyed, silos broken off, and heavy damage to the dairy barn was reported  where the milk-hands were doing the evening milking when the storm hit Sunday evening. At least three cows died when the free-stall barn collapsed.

There also preliminary reports of heavy damage to farm homes, outbuildings, fences and the loss of livestock in the areas of Monett, Mo., and Billings, Mo. As of Tuesday, many dairymen were still withoutpower, relying on generators.

The Monett Plant owned by Dairy Farmers of America was spared any damage but the loss of a major power sub-station north of town force the plant to redirect milk shipments from area farmers. It also forced personnel to moved existing product into refrigerated semi-trailers until the power was restored early Tuesday morning.