Yesterday two customers who buy organic milk filed suit against Aurora Organic Dairy in federal court in St. Louis. The lawsuit alleges that Aurora sold milk labeled as organic that did not meet federal organic standards.

The lawsuit, which seeks class-action status, damages and an injunction to stop the company from selling organic milk, was filed by Kristine Mothershead and Leonie Lloyd of St. Louis. The Cornucopia Institute, a Wisconsin based activist group, told the Associated Press that a similar lawsuit will be filed in Denver today.

The lawsuits come less than two months after Aurora signed a consent agreement with USDA. The first consent finding listed in that document was that “Aurora Organic Dairy currently has eight valid organic certifications under the NOP.”

“There is absolutely no basis for claims we defrauded consumers by selling milk that isn’t organic – none whatsoever. Aurora Organic Dairy has maintained continuous organic certifications for all of our farms and facilities. Our milk is and always has been organic,” said Marc Peperzak, Aurora Organic chairman and CEO. “Our USDA consent agreement makes clear that all of our organic certifications are valid.”

“We’re confident in the outcome,” Peperzak added, “and will defend our company, our products and our reputation against any and all false claims.”, Business Wire