To prepare for the intentional and unintentional introductions of animal diseases into the nation’s food production pathway, USDA has released an informational compact disc for federal and state agriculture first responders.

“This new tool provides federal, state and private veterinarians immediate access to resources and relevant information to help them more effectively identify, respond to, control and facilitate recovery from a foreign animal disease outbreak,” says Agriculture Secretary Ann Veneman. 

The CD, “Food Security: The Threat to American Livestock,” was developed by USDA’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service in conjunction with Auburn University.

APHIS’ compact disc addresses emergency preparedness and brings homeland security issues to the forefront of private veterinary practitioners and other agricultural first responders, as they conduct their daily activities. 

It offers comprehensive information on infectious disease threats to livestock, animal disease awareness briefings, standard veterinary medical information for diagnosing such diseases and emergency information gathering and reporting mechanisms.

Additionally, it outlines routine biosecurity measures for on-site farm visits, recommends emergency response plans and suggests disease monitoring methods.