The University of Wisconsin-Madison received top honors in the 90th Intercollegiate Dairy Cattle Judging Contest. The Madison team sorted themselves to the top winning by 11 points. The team was led by Brian Coyne, who was the top individual. Brian earned 876 points- the highest score in the history of the contest. He beat out teammate Chelsea Holschbach who won the reasons portion of the contest with 286 points. The team was coached by Ted Halbach, assisted by Brian Kelroy. The second place team was the University of Minnesota, coached by Les Hansen. Megan Herberg and Caitlin Kasper from the Minnesota team placed third and fourth on an individual basis. A special plaque was given to the top individual in reasons in honor of the late Dr. David P. Dickson.

Top 10 Teams Overall:
1. UW-Madison, 2576; coached by Halbach/Kelroy
Team members included Kelly Sime, Brian Coyne, Chelsea Holschbach, and Ben Sarbacker
2. University of Minnesota, 2565; coached by Les Hansen
Team members included Megan Herberg, Caitlin Kasper, Mikayla Krause, and Abby Udermann
3. Cornell University, 2544; coached by Galton/Winkelman
Team members included Ashley Sears, Sheri Boardman, Corey Kayhart, and Jessica Perkins
4. Penn State, 2511; coached by Dale Olver
Team members included Joshua Ebert, Elaina Rader, Amy Yeiser, and Peter Yoder
5. Ohio State University, 2509; coached by Ayars/Heisner
Team members included Hannah Thompson, Laura Gordon, Jason Miley, and Curtis Bickel
6. Virginia Tech, 2453; coached by Barnes/Knowlton
Team members included Abby Patch, Caitlin Patrick, Rachel Smith, and Brittany Willing
7. Cal Poly State University, 2445; coached by Stan Henderson
Team members included Caitlyn Morehart, David Jones, Joseph Coleman, and Jason Borges
8. UW-River Falls, 2431; coached by Steve Kelm
Team members included Justine Ahrens, Jillian Cowles, Juli Cooper, and Michelle Owens
9. UW- Platteville, 2404; coached by Michael Mee
Team members included Ashley Mergen, Anna Troester, and Rebecca Schlehlein
10. Iowa State University, 2397; coached by Lee Kilmer
Team members included Zach Deutmeyer, Megan Kregel, Jess Peter, and Amy Maxwell

Top 10 Individuals Overall:
1. Brian Coyne, 876, UW-Madison
2. Chelsea Holschbach, 865, UW-Madison
3. Megan Herbersg, 859, University of Minnesota
4. Caitlin Kasper, 858, University of Minnesota
5. Joshua Ebert, 856, Penn State
6. Ashley Sears, 856, Cornell University
7. Abby Udermann, 848, University of Minnesota
8. Hannah Thompson, 847, Ohio State University
9. Corey Kayhart, 844, Cornell University
10. Jessica Perkins, 844, Cornell University

Top 10 Teams Reasons:
1. University of Minnesota, 839; coached by Les Hansen
2. UW-Madison, 836; coached by Halbach/Kelroy
3. Penn State, 827; coached by Dale Olver
4. Cornell University, 821; coached by Galton/Winkelman
5. Ohio State University, 814; coached by Ayars/Heisner
6. Cal Poly State University, 810; coached by Stan Henderson
7. University of Georgia, 780; coached by London/Graves
8. Virginia Tech, 779; coached by Barnes/Knowlton
9. UW-River Falls, 775; coached by Steve Kelm
10. Kansas State University, 760; coached by Jon Pretz

Top 10 Individual Reasons:
1. Chelsea Holschbach, 286, UW-Madison
2. Brian Coyne, 284, UW-Madison
3. Joshua Ebert, 283, Penn State
4. Megan Herberg, 281, University of Minnesota
5. Caitlin Kasper, 279, University of Minnesota
6. Abby Uderman, 279, University of Minnesota
7. Elaina Rader, 279, Penn State
8. Ashley Sears, 276, Cornell University
9. Katlyn Hendershot, 275, West Virginia University
10. Hannah Thompson, 274, Ohio State University

Generous support from these sponsors helped make the 2010 Intercollegiate Contest a success: Accelerated Genetics, Advanced Biological Marketing, American Guernsey Breeders Association, American Jersey Cattle Club, American Livestock, American Milking Shorthorn Society, Ayrshire Breeders Association, Brown Swiss Association Eugene Meyer, Friends of David P. Dickson, Hoard's Dairyman, Holstein Association USA, International Protein Sires, Land O'Lakes, National Dairy Shrine, Red & White Dairy Cattle Association and Select Sires, Inc.

Source: World Dairy Expo