Her attorney describes it as “bittersweet.”

Brenda Kay Shorter, of St. Charles, Minn., was found not guilty of conspiracy to commit first-degree murder with premeditation and not guilty of attempted first-degree murder with premeditation. However, she was found guilty of the lesser-included attempted second-degree murder with intent and guilty of two felony counts of second-degree assault with dangerous weapons.

An Olmsted County, Minn., jury rendered the verdict Tuesday.

Shorter had been accused of trying to kill her former brother-in-law while they were milking cows in April 2008. Prosecutors had alleged that she and her ex-husband, William, devised a scheme to save the family farm by taking out a life insurance policy on William’s brother, John. Brenda would then try to kill John, jurors were told in opening testimony last week.

But Shorter’s attorney, Gary Gittus, said there was no evidence of a conspiracy. He reportedly told the jury that Brenda hit John to prevent abuse to the cows.  

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Source: Rochester Post-Bulletin