M. Gatz Riddell, Jr., executive vice president of the American Association of Bovine Practitioners, has sent the following statement regarding the recent videotaped abuse of calves and cows in Ohio. 

"The American Association of Bovine Practitioners represents 5,000 beef and dairy veterinarians from the United States, Canada and many other countries from around the world. The AABP condemns willful acts of animal abuse such as those videotaped on a dairy animal marketing operation near Columbus, Ohio. The images are extremely disturbing and do not represent the animal care standards practiced in animal agriculture today. The repeated instances of kicking, beating and stabbing of these animals are barbaric, inhumane and unacceptable. The AABP urges local law enforcement to investigate fully and prosecute individuals involved in these acts of animal abuse to the full extent of the law. The collective experience of the veterinarians in AABP suggests that these images do not represent what is normal or common. When animals are raised for food, it is a moral imperative that they be raised humanely. Our profession strongly promotes proper care and handling practices for livestock, and the abuse seen in this situation cannot be tolerated."

Source: American Association of Bovine Practitioners