Yesterday at, the nonprofit Center for Consumer Freedom (CCF) released an undercover video shot at the Duchess Horse Sanctuary in Douglas County, Oregon — a facility owned and managed by the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS). Though HSUS claims its Oregon facility offers “1120 acres of rolling pasture," the video shows horses in overcrowded conditions wading through a field of mud, manure, and hazardous fallen tree branches, according to a press release from CCF.

HSUS has gained significant public attention by releasing carefully edited hidden-camera videos that supposedly represent typical conditions on livestock farms. Many observers disapprove of this tactic, as it sensationalizes a very limited view of the conditions in which animals are kept. But unlike HSUS, CCF will release its unedited video of the Duchess Horse Sanctuary later in the week. (HSUS has repeatedly refused to share unedited “undercover” footage with the media or the public.)

Equine Veterinarian John Radosevich offered the following opinion after viewing the video in its entirety, “The broken limbs and fallen down trees should have been removed from this facility before any horses were turned into it because of the possibility of puncture wounds, with the possible onset of tetanus and sure death of the wounded horse.”

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Source: Center For Consumer Freedom