Virginia Tech received top honors for the second year in a row at the 89th Intercollegiate Dairy Cattle Judging Contest. Paula Craun and Hannah Smith led the team placing second and third, respectively. Virginia Tech also won High Team in Reasons. Sandra Kirchner took home High Individual Overall leading the UW-River Falls team to second place team overall.

Top 10 Teams Overall:
1. Virginia Tech, 2508; coached by Barnes and Knowlton
Team members included Paula Craun, Derek Heizer, Hannah Smith and Parker Welch

2. UW-River Falls, 2500; coached by Steve Kelm
Team members included Londa Johnson, Cortney Kieffer, Sandra Kirchner and Jessica Lundgren

3. University of Minnesota, 2465; coached by Les Hansen
Team members included Jessica Achen, Mike Donnelly, Staci Sexton and Brandon Thesing

4. Penn State, 2462; coached by Dale Olver
Team members included Benjamin Cashell, Janelle Hartzell, Joseph Leslie and Logan Horst

5. Cornell University, 2451; coached by Galton and Laurie Winkelman
Team members included Eric Bogardus, McKenzie Klein, Reid Lundy and Jenna Smith

6. Ohio State University, 2449; coached by Bonnie Ayars and Heisner
Team members included Neil Duncan, Paul Keener, John Langel and Stephanie Neal

7. Iowa State University, 2439; coached by Dr. Lee Kilmer
Team members included Kendra Bolen, Elizabeth Gaul, Aaron Palmer and Kaleena Westaby

8. UW-Madison, 2432; coached by Ted Halbach and Dave Dickson
Team members included Kayla Buske, Shi Lurvey, Kristin Natzke and Ashley Sprengeler

9. Oklahoma State University, 2424; coached by David Jones
Team members included Leslie German, Megan Meyer, Betty Thompson and Kim Wilson

10. Michigan State, 2416; coached by Jim Domecq and Renee McCauley
Team members included Melissa Brower, Emily Butcher, Rosemary Rice and Amanda Sollman

Top 10 Individuals Overall:
1. Sandra Kirchner, 850, UW-River Falls
2. Paula Craun, 847, Virginia Tech
3. Hannah Smith, 843, Virginia Tech
4. Janelle Hartzell, 842, Penn State
5. Logan Horst, 836, Penn State
6. Aaron Palmer, 836, Iowa State University
7. Eric Bogardus, 834, Cornell University
8. Nisa Gallichio, 831, Cal Poly State University
9. Londa Johnson, 829, UW-River Falls
10. Neil Duncan, 829, Ohio State University

Top 10 Teams Reasons:
1. Virginia Tech, 836; coached by Barnes and Knowlton
2. Penn State, 832; coached by Dale Olver
3. UW-River Falls, 823; coached by Steve Kelm
4. University of Minnesota, 821; coached by Les Hansen
5. Cornell University, 819; coached by Galton and Laurie Winkelman
6. UW- Madison, 815; coached by Ted Halbach and Dave Dickson
7. Cal Poly State University, 815; coached by Stan Henderson
8. Ohio State University, 809; coached by Bonnie Ayars and Heisner
9. Michigan State, 797; coached by Jim Domecq and Renee McCauley
10. Iowa State University, 786; coached by Dr. Lee Kilmer

Top 10 Individual Reasons:
1. Janelle Hartzell, 288, Penn State
2. Paula Craun, 285, Virginia Tech
3. Sandra Kirchner, 280, UW-River Falls
4. Logan Horst, 280, Penn State
5. Hannah Smith, 279, Virginia Tech
6. Brandon Thesing, 279, University of Minnesota
7. Nisa Gallichio, 278, Cal Poly State University
8. Londa Johnson, 278, UW-River Falls
9. Eric Bogardus, 277, Cornell University
10. Aaron Palmer, 276, Iowa State University

Generous support from sponsors makes the 89th Intercollegiate Dairy Cattle Judging Contest possible. In 2009, sponsors include: ABS Global, Accelerated Genetics, Advanced Animal Diagnostics, Agri-Nutrition Consulting, American Guernsey Association, American Jersey Cattle Association, American Livestock Insurance, American Milking Shorthorn Society, Ayrshire Breeders Association, Brown Swiss Association, Cooperative Resources International, Eugene Meyer, Furst-McNess, GTC Nutrition, Hoard's Dairyman, Holstein Association USA, International Protein Sires, JBS Packerland, Inc, Knight LLC, Kraiburg, Kuhn Knight, Lakeshore Federated Cooperative, Land O’ Lakes Purina Feed, National Dairy Shrine, Red & White Dairy Cattle Association, Select Sires, Sexing Technologies, Summit Flexible Products and World Dairy Expo.

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