Finally, the city of Waco, Texas and six dairies in Erath, Hamilton and BosqueCounties have resolved federal lawsuit over drinking water quality. The suit was slated for trial in May.

The City filed suit against 14 dairies in 2004, claiming the operations were responsible for increased phosphorus levels in the North Bosque River, and therefore harming the water quality of Lake Waco — which supplies the city’s drinking water. Of the other eight dairies, some ceased operations, while others agreed to make operational changes and individual settlements with Waco.

Last week’s action came after several mediation and negotiation sessions over the last several months. As a result, Waco has dropped its lawsuit against the remaining six dairies, and will also withdraw its challenge to their permits from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality.

In exchange, the dairies have agreed to “certain operational changes.” However, just what those changes are remains unknown since the court has sealed the settlement’s details.

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