The expanded lawsuit is the latest step in the battle over the cause of water quality problems at Lake Waco.

The city of Waco, Texas has added six more dairies to the list of eight that it had already filed suit against for alleged pollution in the North Bosque River watershed.

At the end of May, the city amended its lawsuit in federal district court to add the names of the following dairies: Broumley Dairy Inc., Bill Schouten Dairy, Golden Star Dairy, Scenic Ridge Dairy, Russell Carpenter Dairy and Parks Hill Dairy.

John Cowan, general manager of the Texas Association of Dairymen, says the lawsuit is a step backward. The city of Waco and the dairy industry had been working together to find a solution that was workable for both sides.

The lawsuit alleges that these dairies failed to properly handle their liquid and solid cattle waste, which resulted in excess phosphorus in the North Bosque River and excessive algae blooms in Lake Waco. The city of Waco gets its water supply from Lake Waco and says it has spent more than $3.5 million on the problem.

Waco Tribune-Herald